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Your Monthly Mystery Awaits...

Each Mystery Box Guarantees:

3 x Booster Packs (English)
2 x Booster Packs (International language edition)
1 x Ultimate Rare
2 x Secret Rares
3 x Ultra Rares
4 x Super Rares
5 x Cards From O.G Sets (eg. LOB, MRD, MRL, PSV, LON, LOD, PGD etc.)
+ Toploaders, Sleeves, & Many More Accessories
+ Expect some extra complimentary throw-ins from us. 😊

One more thing... 1 in every 50 boxes contains a GHOST RARE! (1:50 chance)

(Mystery boxes purchased in the same month may contain similar items as stock is fully changed for this item on a monthly basis.)

Free Shipping Australia Wide.

Mystery Box orders are shipped on the 15th of every month!

Good Luck!

- The Trading Card Library Team